Megan Sornson



Finished screen-printing some thank you postcards this last week. Learned a few new techniques and got some clues for making it better next time, but overall, pretty happy with how they turned out.




At it again this time with leather and felt. Really excited about how they turned out!

Check out more photos and let me know if you’d like one for yourself!

Fabric Florals



My dear sister, Amy, has been producing and selling fabric bouquets for the last year since making a set for her own wedding and realizing she’d stumbled into an art she loved. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery and there are few people more worth imitating.

This week I enjoyed an alternate creative outlet in helping one who is very dear to my heart create a bouquet for a recently hospitalized relative who was restricted from the pleasure of real flowers due to fragrance and pollen. I jump at any opportunity to step away from the computer and actually feel textures and fringes within my hands, but especially when it brightens the room and day of friends for whom I hold so much care.




Mantras Applied


I did my best to test the hypothesis that ‘practice makes better‘ this semester. Progress was made.

052813_FigureDrawing_figure052813_FigureDrawing_figure_progression 052813_FigureDrawing_figure_2